Assembly Square

Assembly Square is an emerging urban center in Boston due to the addition of the public transportation orange line station 'Assembly Square' which opened in 2014. The master plan focused on creating a transportation network that linked the bus systems to the car, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure of Somerville and to the larger network of the Boston urban network. This linkage which will revitalize the square was achieved through connecting threw streets, bridges, and mixed-use street scape design. The project utilizes a series of green scapes, from urban hardscape, to soft gardens and lush natural ecology, encorporating tennis courts, playgrounds, and grass fields. Integral to the design is the building as bridge, which connects the site to the waterfront by bridging over existing train tracks. By extending greenspaces beyond the scope of the project into the fabric of the existing neighborhood, the plan reinvigorates the area and draws people in.

The accessibility of Assembly Square was a major design driver in this project. Bounded by a highway, the Mystic River, and limited public transportation, for it to be a successful design it needed to connect to a larger network. This diagram explores average time it takes to get to major nodes in Boston by means of car, walking, public transportation, and biking.